Dear Friends, At Cocopeli-Tours we want to show you Nicaragua as a unique travel destination. You will get a very special view into our Nicaragua. Besides the popular tourist destinations and “of the beaten tracks” we also travel to the unspoiled spots. Experience Nicaragua in a very individual way! How do the “Nicas” live with their dynamic past, after a dictatorship, a revolution, different political changes, earthqakes,  hurricanes...?  Get to know the “Nicas” and their warm hospitality and look forward to intresting conversations and unforgettable impressions.  Our trips and tour All trips and tours are planned under ecological aspects. We work together with local travel guides and give  you an insight into the typical Nicaraguan way of life allways following our slogan   Experience at it´s best!  Every tour is attended by an English spoken guide. With Cocopeli-Tours you can choose from individual  organized day trips to multiple day tours and roundtrips accoording to your personal needs and interests.  So you can focus on the most important thing: ¡Your Holidays! Get in touch with us for unforgetable experiences! 
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